Promoting a better life quality for wild & domestic animals

Animal Rehabilitation Crete (ARC) is an organisation that works towards a better life for animals on the island and around the globe. Our mission is to provide education where knowledge falls short, to find a solution where the current health system gives up and to give a voice to those who have none.

In our strive to improve the quality of life for every animal we share this earth with, our goal is not only to rehabilitate individual animals – but to disrupt a whole system of outdated morals and values.

What we do


We offer recovery therapy for animals with chronic injury, post-surgery rehabilitation & more.

Training & Education

Our education programs are not just for the animal, but more importantly for the humans that guide them.

Help a paw

Donate to help build a clinic, or become a (remote) foster for one of our patients.

Be the change

We came to Crete to find what everyone had told us of: A life of Mediterranean luxury, doused in olive oil and cheap village wine. We rented a small village house and built the instant dream. When we got in the car to head for a night in town, dodging heaps of goat dung with our Italian shoes, we drove into something unexpected.

It was a small black dog, tossed along the roadside, severely injured. We turned the car and took her to the veterinarian, where we were advised to undergo hip surgery. Considering the high costs for her operation and rehabilitation, we decided to turn to the community. And you responded. With the help of donations, we had Anna up and running to her forever home within one month! We realised it was time to kick off the shiny loafers and think greater.

Four years and many rehab cases later, we have learned about the importance for a place where animals can find temporary refuge. Help us build a clinic that provides a shelter for the animal in need and that offers an education for the human in search.

Let’s Change

Our team


Certified Animal Rehabilitator, Animal Trainer & Researcher


Animal Carer, Content Creator & some other millennial jobs


Dog-On-Dog Trainer, Therapy Dog


Behavioural Instructor, Princess