Rehabilitation and physiotherapy are well-established treatment forms that originated in ancient Greece. Physician Hippocrates swore an oath to improve the quality of life by applying massage, hydro- and manual therapy techniques.

Today, physical therapy refers to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, injuries and disabilities that jeopardise the physiological function. Veterinary physiotherapy is a very young health specialisation, yet is rapidly gaining worldwide acknowledgement as a highly valuable contribution to veterinary medicine. Canine rehabilitation is vital in chronic diseases and age-related complications, to improve motor control, strength, endurance and general well-being.

Animal Rehabilitation Crete offers in-home treatment for dogs with

  • neurological disorders
  • muscular & joint problems
  • behavioural problems
  • need for post-operative recovery support
  • obesity
  • and many other physiological and conduct problems

Get in touch to see how the quality of life can be improved for your canine.

The most effective treatment for physiological problems for any animal, is movement. Rehabilitation programs include movement therapy, electrical stimulation for muscular and pain treatment and cryotherapy.
Physical impairments are often paired with behavioural problems that limit progress. Through positive reinforcement, movement is encouraged and stagnating patterns are overcome.
Physical impairments are often paired with poor diet. Animal Rehabilitation Crete creates a bespoke trajectory with a nutritional plan and exercises.
Vincent Hoogstad

Vincent Hoogstad

Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner


Two years ago I decided to move from the Netherlands to Crete with my partner and dog. I started fostering a rescue puppy with a fractured hip, only to discover how rudimentary the specialised care for physically impaired animals was. With over 20 years of experience as a physiotherapist and anatomist for humans, I realised that my love for dogs and my paramedic background needed to start moving in sync.

I started an education at the University of Knoxville, Tennessee in order to become a CCRP (Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner). During my internship at the local veterinarian office, I found that the demand for this specialised field was growing fast. Before even finishing my studies, I had multiple cases to work on.

As a canine rehabilitation specialist, there is no greater joy for me than to see the fast progress that these animals are making. Not only has it improved the quality of their life, but it has given a new and exciting purpose to mine.



At 17 years old, my owner didn't have much hope for me when I started immobilising. After only two times with Vincent, I rediscovered my passion for walking again. Soon enough I was strutting around the olive yard like the puppy I once was!


Senior Lady

With my hind legs becoming paralysed, it got difficult for me to move around and release myself. After a few sessions with Vincent, I was hopping around the backyard again on all fours! Now I can do what I love most again; run up to the gate and bark at passers-by!


Perpetually Happy Dog