Learn to speak the language of your dog

A common misconception about dog training, is that it focuses solely on getting your dog to understand you. To obtain the best and long-term results, we need to get down on our knees and start tuning in into what our pooch is trying to tell us. Our training courses provide an in-depth exploration of your dog’s needs and how we can compromise between what we want and what they can give us.

At Animal Rehabilitation Crete, we offer:

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Puppy training

Give your pup the best start in life and join a puppy course. Animal Rehabilitation Crete organises both group classes, as well as individual sessions to provide your young dog with the basics:

  • Socialisation
  • Basic obedience (commands like sit & stay, heel & follow)
  • Keeping your puppy’s attention, even in highly distractive situations
  • Learning to examine your pup

Canine behaviour

How animals behave and how they move is inextricably linked. When you influence one, you automatically alter the other. In all our training and therapy, behavioural ecology of animals plays an important part.

Dogs are highly domesticated, this means they are dependent from us and what we teach them. Natural behaviour has devolved in both humans and the dogs we bred, making us responsible for training our animals to our standards and culture. At Animal Rehabilitation Crete all animals have intelligence, emotions and self-consciousness and should be treated with respect and dignity. Dogs aren’t humans and should be approached accordingly.

Become the natural leader

In our Natural Leadership Private Workshop, you work together with your dog towards mutual understanding and calm assertiveness.

Recent studies on wolves in the wild revealed that leaders of the pack are not necessarily the strongest or loudest. Alphas are followed for being observant and deliberate, yet calm. In this workshop, we build a natural conversation between human and dog – without the use of too many words.

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