Animal physical therapy

Movement as medicine

Movement is the most powerful painkiller we have, for all animals. Movement therapy is the most effective way of rehabilitation and is considered the most evident treatment by anatomists, biomechanics and physiologists.

The increasingly popular ‘quick fix’ often show transient results and possibly even worsening of the condition on long term. Proper training requires time, effort and an individual approach.

Back on all fours

We specialise in canine physiotherapy, but have gained experience with cats, horses, reptiles and various birds. Physical therapy can help in various cases:

  • Post-surgery rehabilitation
  • Reducing pain from chronic injury or disease
  • Learning to move with prosthesis or wheelchair
  • Weight loss (combined with dietary plan)

Let’s get moving

If your animal seems to be in pain, is recovering from surgery or suffers from chronic injury, contact us. Movement is considered ‘normal’ differently by each individual, so every patient receives a custom program. Taken into account are breed, age, nature of the condition and owner compliance. It all starts with the first step. Step to us and move your pet towards improvement.

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