How animals behave and how they move is inextricably linked. When you influence one, you automatically alter the other. In all our training and therapy, behavioural ecology of animals plays an important part.

Dogs are highly domesticated, this means they are dependent from us and what we teach them. Natural behaviour has devolved in both humans and the dogs we bred, making us responsible for training our animals to our standards and culture. To train a dog, we need to understand their behaviour. At Animal Rehabilitation Crete all animals have intelligence, emotions and self-consciousness and should be treated with respect and dignity. Dogs aren’t humans and therefore should be approached accordingly.


Patients that show signs of pain often exhibit defensive behaviour and may ultimately become fearful. Pain is often responsible for an animal altering its posture to avoid movement and it can ultimately aggravate the entire disease process. In addition, chronic pain can lead to the development of ‘pain-memory’. Read more


In addition to the appropriate therapeutic intervention the owner plays a decisive role in the success of physiotherapy.

Rehabilitation is time-consuming. In some cases, visible results are seen fairly quickly, whereas chronic cases may require a considerable amount of patience until positive progression is noted. The owners active participation in treatment often leads to the animal’s quicker recovery and bonding between dog and owner!


Animal Rehabilitation Crete provides customised dog training (for owner and dog) for puppies, stray dogs and dogs with behavioural problems. With enough applications, we’ll also provide group training (basic obedience) and dog socialisation training.